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Welcome Home

Welcome back to you. Welcome to the life you deserve. Welcome to the joy, abundance and love you are worthy of. Welcome to your spark of truth.

Here, we get messy. Here, we get creative.

Here, we get real and raw. Here, we get better.

About Rassy


If a comedian, a psychic and a philosopher walked into a bar... Id be what they were drinking. 

It is my intention to Activate, Inspire and Align you to your biggest, highest and best existence. I am a paradigm shifter, here to spark your clarity and guide you into a new mindset - one where you can shine and effortlessly achieve brilliance in your life.

It is my mission to reflect the pure beauty of your authentic self back to you. I am here to hold space, so you are seen, heard and felt in a way that makes you feel safe, valued, and loved (because you are). You are enough! I know how hard the spiritual journey can be. I started truly awakening six years ago and knew my purpose was to assist others through this process with all that Ive learned along the way.

It is my vision to help others grow and evolve to their fullest potential, while enjoying and understanding their own self-discovery. I am here to empower you to create the life of your dreams. I am here to remind you that theres only one person you cant live without... and thats you. So, never give up on yourself!

I can do this because Ive been where you are. Ive been through the ups and downs of this journey. Ive experienced trials and heartaches I thought I would never get through. Ive hidden who I really am to appease others, or to ensure my own survival. Ive learned (sometimes painfully) simple truths, lessons and practices that made the dark nights easier, and subtle shifts that opened brand new doors for me, and expanded my horizons. 

Now, I use my natural talents and inherent gifts as an empath, oracle and energy healer to help as many as I can to start living more healthy, fulfilling lives. If youve found your way to me, its because I can help you in some way.

A representation of my
6 core affirmations: 

I am safe.

I am balanced.

I am mindful.

I am loved.

I am at peace.

I am enough.

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