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Welcome! I’m Rassy, The Intuitive Oracle and your Confidence Coach!

I grew up like most people, amid trauma and dysfunction. From a very young age, I had been conditioned and programmed into codependency, people-pleasing, perfectionism and every method of self-sabotage known to man.


I was in a constant state of anxiety about the future, guilt over the past and sprinklings of depression throughout. Before I knew it, I was in my 30’s, and though my life looked the way it was supposed to, I was deeply unhappy. 

I never seemed to have enough money, I was constantly hurt in love. I was overweight and struggled with my self image and health. I was trying to reconcile my strict, Christian upbringing, with the things I could feel calling to my soul. Then, the most amazing thing happened... I lost it all.

I was expelled from the church, disowned by my family. I was so depressed, I couldn’t function in my marriage.  I tried everything (Shopping, Sex and Substances ftw!) to fill the void that was left by... me.

I had lost myself. Maybe I never actually had her. I was so unhappy because I wasn’t living MY life. I was following the path others had laid out for me. I did what I was 'supposed to'. I was a ‘good girl’. It wasn’t until I dug and sifted (painfully) through all of the noise that I was able to uncover who I really am... an amazing woman with a fulfilling purpose! 

Now, I help others gain the confidence to excavate their true selves from the lifetime of s**t piled on it. I give you the confidence to choose YOUR soul purpose, and show you how to Make Happy Happen!

Lets co-create!
Using my unique
Coaching with  Cards method,
 discover the patterns keeping you stuck in life.
Gain clarity on your desires
and open yourself up to true,
unconditional love in this
extensive program
All Relationships
& Identities
The insight you need to take your business to the next level is here.
Invest in a customized coaching experience designed to dismantle conditioning, remove blocks and give you the courage to take control of
your life!
What You Can Expect:
  • Sanctuary

    • Circle of Trust, Hexagon of Healing, Dodecahedron of Manifestation... whatever you want to call it, you can feel free to speak your mind and heart without being judged.​

  • Realness & Honesty

    • You’ve been lied to most of your life. We’re here to get real and take your power back!

  • Raging Encouragement

    • Oh, you’re gonna love yourself... or else.​

    • Feel seen, heard, and understood

  • Practical Solutions

    • I bring the woo down to Earth and can help you bridge the connection between you and your inner knowing.​

    • My unique Coaching with Cards method gives you tangible focal points to mark your progress.

  • Humor and Ease

    • We are here to play! This experience is meant to be fun and our lives are made to be much easier than we allow.​

    • Getting real doesn’t mean you have to take yourself so seriously.

The vibe was so chill. She made the lesson relatable and down-to-Earth. You can tell she enjoys what she's doing which makes it enjoyable for the participants. She was knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely recommend any of her classes to anyone.

- M. Rojas

about the symbol

More than just a logo, The Rassy Coat of Arms is a visual representation of my 6 core affirmations:

I am Safe

I am Mindful

I am Balanced

I am Loved

I am At Peace

I am Enough.

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