Welcome! I’m Rassy, an author, speaker (motivational and otherwise) and intuitive coach.

I help you discover and become your most authentic self through writing, listening and sharing. By giving you a new perspective, I can show you how to trust your intuition, unlock your soul potential, and live your best life!

It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself stepping onto my own spiritual path. I will never forget how overwhelming it felt, to have the entirety of space and time, the whole universe at my fingertips. Especially since I had been raised to believe that anything outside of the box of traditional christianity was evil.


I wanted to create a safe space for people to explore the metaphysical, the esoteric, and even the frightening. So, I invite the curious, the questioning, the adventurous, and yes even the scared, to join New To Woo!


You’ll find a safe place of self discovery, as you learn about all things woo. Consider this your gentle initiation to the rest of the universe.

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I am Safe

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