Dont underestimate the power of daily meditation and reinforcement

Manifestation follows focus, so the more you can focus on what you do want, what is coming, the guidance you intuitively receive, the easier the things you want can flow to you. Activation spreads are another great way to use tarot/oracle cards for visualization, meditation and enhancing your personal magic(k).


Take a few moments daily to meditate on the spread and the meaning of the cards, especially how they relate to each other. Reinforce the messages as you go through your daily life and notice how this practice makes it easier to shift your mindset.

Activated: March 13, 2021

Deck: Beyond Lemuria by Izzy Ivy

Spread: Elemental - Portal Constellation

Ways to work with an activation spread:

  • Add it to your vision board

  • Place it on your altar/sacred space

  • Daily meditation

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The entirety of the world was created out of the darkness (Aether). This is the point of manifestation, where we bring our focus into creation. But we must align our focus with what we desire to bring it into our reality (Alignment). Manifestation works best when we are in a state of flow, where we are not attached to a specific outcome, or even a specific route to our desires. We must protect our emotional health (Water), being sure we fill ourselves up, or we could be prone to desperation and bitterness. Instead, we must be willing to forgive, to love, to extend the very compassion we would seek from the Universe (Loving Compassion). That is the path to truly healing ourselves and others (Healing). This is a time of great energetic shift in the world (Air), but that doesn’t mean we can sit on our laurels. We have to do the work to shift our consciousness to keep ourselves open to the intuitive hits seeking to reach us. This time period will push us outside of our comfort zone, pushing us toward a collective awakening to our highest good (Awakened Awareness). It’s no surprise that many of us feel like we're at a crossroads, and we have a choice in how we want to show up (Endless Opportunities). But we cannot make those choices from a place of fear or doubt. We must stay grounded (Earth), connecting to nature, firmly rooted in our faith that the life we want is possible. We’re being called to stand fully in our truth, to own our full power as creative beings (Radical Expansion). We must be mindful, recognizing what lights up our souls, and accepting and loving every bit of it (Fire). At every point, we are simultaneously the caterpillar and the butterfly. Your next butterfly stage is set to begin (Transformation). Let go. Be present. Manifest your dreams!