Love may not be a fairy tale... but it is a story.

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I’ve always been told that I’m way too idealistic when it comes to love. I’m one of those people who is completely in love with the idea of love...


the ideal of love.

Well, I’m putting my obsession to good use! My Aligned Love Series cuts through years of conditioning, dismantling the love story you've been living to identify exactly how much of the story is truly yours.

You must set a clear intention to manifest true and unconditional love. The problem is, we spend so much of our lives behind a mask, afraid of judgment, falling prey to guilt and shame. 

How can we expect to be truly loved, if we cannot even be honest with ourselves about what we want? Stop trying to force yourself and others into an idea of love and focus on manifesting your ideal love!

The Complete Program:

  • 32-page Aligned Love Workbook 

  • Introductory Session - ​to really dig into your love energy and patterns and introduce the Aligned Love Workbook.

  • Session 1 - A thorough analysis of your completed Aligned Love Workbook.

  • Session 2 - An Intuitive Love Lift Session 

  • Session 3 - Using your workbook to attract your ideal relationship

  • 3 Month After-Care Plan

  • Intuitive Channeling 

  • Bonus Content

*all sessions are 2 hours

Work at your own pace with this flexible program!

credit: Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall
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