In A Flash

James is a simple man with a simple dream: To have the best nightclub in all of Chicago. He had the vision, he had the means, and he had a really great shot at owning the most happening spot in the city. In fact, there was only one thing standing in his way… 


So, in the hustle and bustle of the Windy City, beneath Sadie’s dress shop, is the best little speakeasy in town - Flash House. 

On an ordinary Tuesday, life outside the law was going perfectly fine, until three shots rang out and reporter Tommy Grey found himself dying in a narrow alley right at James’s back door. 

The nerve of some people. 

Throw in a fugitive fighter, a broken butler, two crooked cops, a surly senator, three maniac mobsters and one possibly pregnant conspirator, and you’ve got the longest night of insanity ever!

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