Boy meets girl... other girl forces her to do standup... you're caught up.

Once upon a time, my good friend Robyn introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Justin. Learning that I was a writer, Justin exclaims "I do a storytelling event once a month... I would love to get you on the stage!" My immediate vision was me standing in a public library surrounded by children.

That wasn't happening.

Turns out, he has a great monthly show called 7 Stories, where 7 people each tell a story for 7 minutes surrounding one particular theme. I went out, and proceeded to tell one of the most embarrassing stories of my life.

Everybody laughed.

Later, I was approached by a lovely lady named Erin Terry, who told me I needed to do comedy.

I said no.

A lot.

Then I didn't.

The End.

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