Dont underestimate the power of daily meditation and reinforcement

"If you are considering getting a session with Rassy, do it now! Don’t hesitate. Just ... do it. You’ll thank me later." 

Emily Aarons

-Business Empowerment Coach

Be sure to visit emilyaarons.com for more Emily!

Andrea Michel - Intuitive Coach and Healer
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.



  • Increased Confidence and Clarity - My clients feel more empowered to overcome blocks and obstacles with a clearer path toward their goal. A small shift in perspective makes the way forward so much easier.

  • Coaching With Cards  - Nothing drives home the point your guidance is trying to make better than seeing recurring messages repeating over multiple decks. 

  • PDF Summary - Remain focused and stay in the flow with this visual reminder of your goals and next steps. See a SAMPLE

  • Session Recording - A video of our session will be available for download. 

We all have times where we feel stuck and overwhelmed. My Empowerment Sessions are a great way to break through what’s currently keeping you small and limited, so you can hit your next level goals!

My Coaching with Cards method not only provides you with the insight you need, but gives you a tangible focal point to understand the repeating patterns and themes keeping you stuck in lack and limitation.

Empowerment Session Summary
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