Some of us are simply built different. 

This exclusive membership was designed for those who know they were meant for more in this life, and are ready to invest the time and work into mastering how to work with their individual energetic vibration(s) to begin consciously constructing a next-level life for themselves.

Learn how to:

  • Recognize your energetic ebb and flow

  • Flow effortlessly through the cycle of Activation, Alignment and Adjustment

  • Strengthen your intuitive connection

  • Prioritize your individual goals and growth

  • Identify and capitalize on synchronicities

  • Facilitate energetic time management

  • Course correct your vibrational output

  • Shift your perspective for a more aligned mindset

While still gaining clarity, guidance and next steps from your higher self!

I’m only accepting 12 members at a time, and will be filling voids on a waitlist basis.

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Welcome Gift!

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Exclusive Membership for high-achieving, conscious creators.

Enjoy complete flexibility with
18 personalized
private sessions

over 12 months!


Membership  Investment


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(3)  3-hour Activation Sessions

Activation sessions are designed to open up the next step step in your journey and prepare you to invite in the necessary new energy to begin on that path..



Activation sessions are perfect after reaching milestones or before committing to new goals.

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(6)  1.5-hour Alignment Sessions

Alignment sessions are designed to get you unstuck by identifying where and how to focus your energy as well as identify what limiting beliefs it’s time to release.

These sessions are perfect for times of stagnation, or when nothing seems to be working for you.

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(9)  45 - Minute Sessions

Adjustment sessions are designed to shift your perspective and provide subtle tweaks to your vibration so you’re maintaining ease and flow through your process.

These sessions are perfect for a little boost to keep you going.