My Ideal Client


You have an open mind, and an open heart. Unfortunately, both have been bruised and battered by the world, and you’re not always sure how to recover. You know you were put on this earth for a reason, have a deep feeling that you are meant for something... more. 


You feel like you’re constantly on the verge of greatness, something big, only to have it fall flat. You skip through programs and classes looking for the key to unlocking the secret. Still, no matter how frustrated you get, you can’t bring yourself to give up. So, you’re willing to do the work, you’re willing to take the time because you believe you have the power to reshape your life.

And, you are absolutely right! You’ve gathered so much information, so many techniques and modalities, and that is commendable. What you are lacking, is a space to put it all together in a way that’s aligned with your personal higher knowing. 

The key to unlocking the secret is not a key at all... it is a combination.


You are ready to fully step into your soul purpose. You are ready to step into your full potential. You are ready to integrate everything you’ve learned on your journey so that you can step up to that next level of your soul evolution.

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Your Guides Want A Word

60 Minutes


In this session, I channel your higher self to give you some much needed encouragement, clarity and guidance on your path.


We will show you where to focus your energy, what to release, and provide you with the motivation needed to keep moving forward.


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This membership is perfect for the newly awakened, newly initiated or anyone who could use year round support and dedicated space held for your healing, guidance and ascension.


60-minute sessions

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This premium membership is designed for the high achiever ready to actualize their full potential. Get the guidance you seek, alongside the flexibility you need to master your personal vibration and reach your next level.

3          6          9

Activation Sessions

Alignment Sessions

Adjustment Sessions


Reading N2it.jpg

3 Months. 6 Students.

Reading N2it is an intimate, safe and very hand-on course designed for those wanting to grow their intuitive powers and open a channel to their inner guidance.


120 -minute sessions