Game Night

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Most normal families pick an ordinary weekday, around 7:30pm, and they dust off one of the old Parker Bros. games, and they play together as a way of solidifying their deep bond as a unit.

Well, the Black Flower family had been called many things, by many people (law enforcement, biker gangs, assorted clergy etc.) but “normal” was not one of those adjectives that popped up. For this family, Game Night occurred 4:48am, after the boys cleaned up the bar following all of the festivities of Saturday.

Tonight, was Pictionary.

Tyler stood at the easel, carefully constructing his drawing. He pushed his glasses up higher on his nose, and bit his lip in concentration.

“It’s a bird!” Joey yelled.

“It’s a plane!” Zac laughed.

“Penis!” Jamie shouted, throwing his hands in the air. It came as no surprise to anyone, since Jamie had only guessed ‘penis’ for every round, from the time they started playing.

“Time’s up.” Chris announced.

Tyler dropped the marker, frustrated. Yet another of his artistic masterpieces had gone to waste. “Dammit! It’s a lighthouse… a lighthouse!”

Jamie raised his hand. “I was closest!”

Tyler rolled his eyes. “This game is stupid! I vote we play another game. How about Jenga?” he suggested.

Zac shook his he