My intuitive gifts increased exponentially from the time I laid hands on my first deck. I’ve grown this gift into an incredibly effective service that has changed lives. Now, I want to teach others how to leverage this gift for themselves and others!

Tapping into your intuition and learning to trust your inner guidance can be a vulnerable experience. This is why I only train 6 people at a time. The small group size guarantees that you get the amount of support and attention you need as you grow your craft. Plus, it ensures you have plenty of time putting what you’ve learned into practice... which is the fun part!


Each class is 2 hours, taking place on the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month. Courses run from Solstice to Equinox.

Each student will receive a Course Workbook,  Reading Journal and a personalized graduation present from Rassy.

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3 Months. 6 Students.

Reading N2it is an intimate, safe and very hand-on course designed for those wanting to grow their intuitive powers and open a channel to their inner guidance.

Course  Investment

5 payments of $2,202.20


Course Begins 6/21/22

11 Sessions:

  • Rassy Reads​ - In our introductory session, you’ll each get a mini reading from me, and an overview of some of the things you’ll be learning throughout the course.

  • Card Care - We’ll talk about the different types of decks, and how to select the right one for you. Then, we’ll dive into how to properly care for and bond with your cards.

  • Tarot Talk - Well learn the structure of the Tarot, and dive into the meanings behind Major and Minor Arcana.

  • Cards on the Table - It’s show and tell time! We’ll spend some time introducing our decks, getting familiar with them and practicing some quick-pulls.

  • Reading Basics - Learn some basic spreads and how to read multiple cards, lines and decks. We’ll talk about how to look at your reading space intentionally to maximize flow.

  • Beyond the Book - We’re going to talk about symbolism, signs and synchronicities within the cards and how to read beyond what’s in the book.

  • Find Your Channel - You’ll discover your reading style, as well as cultivate a strong channel for extraneous messages

  • Themes and Patterns - Learn to not only recognize the themes and patterns throughout your reading, but how to string together the messages in a cohesive narrative.

  • Spreads - There’s no rules! Take your unique reading style to a new creative level. Learn how to structure your own spreads and sessions.

  • Reading Roulette - Test out your new skills on your classmates!

  • Reading Rassy - The ultimate test.