Medusa Trilogy

The Life & Death of Medusa

The first book of R.C. Berry's career takes a Wicked-esque look at the back story of one of greek mythology's most intriguing characters. 

Medusa - young, beautiful, and the only mortal of her kind, grew up completely idolizing Athena. Her prayers are answered when she's invited to celebrate Athena's birthday on Mount Olympus. There, she finds friendship, decadence... and love.


What she doesn't realize is that she's just landed in the middle of a rivalry that has spanned lifetimes. Caught between warring immortals, Medusa finds herself violated, cursed and exiled. Branded a monster, she's hunted by Zeus's own son. But, what truly makes a monster?



Death is only the beginning for Medusa, in the second installment of this trilogy.


Killed by Perseus, Medusa's soul lands in the realm of Hades, hopeful that her suffering has finally ended. What she doesn't know is the effect her death has had; both back home, and on Olympus. Regretting his part, Perseus appeals to his father on Medusa's behalf. 

Now, Zeus wants Medusa returned to the land of the living, while Hades is reluctant to let her go. As for Medusa, she's unsure of who she can trust.  One thing's for sure, she's in no hurry to return to the clutches of the very ones who betrayed her. Unfortunately, she won't fare much better in the Underworld, surrounded by the vengeful souls she sent there.




Time is of the essence in this conclusion. Zeus has spoken, and Hades is ordered to return Medusa to him, to her old life. But, Medusa is not going back without a plan.


She discovers her child is under the care of the very man who took her innocence, and will do anything to get back the family that was stolen from her. If she has to return to that snake pit on Olympus, Medusa is going to need all the help she can get to ensure that she and her loved ones remain safe. An enemy backed into a corner is a dangerous foe indeed.  


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