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Coming October 10, 2020

Do you often feel like the secrets to Happiness, Love and Abundance are locked away, out of your reach? Does it seem like everyone else has found a way to be, have and do the things you desire most?

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Have you read every book, watched every video and scoured every self-help system looking for the one key that will unlock your best life? Do they always seem to fall short?

... would you like to know where you’re going wrong?

You are a wholly unique individual.

There is only one you in the whole universe.

Yet, you’re looking for a blanket solution to all of your desires.

Sweetheart, the reason you’re having trouble unlocking your potential, is because it’s not a key you need...



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Unit 1: Cracking The Code
In the first unit, we will get to know each other and explore the philosophy behind the Soul Combination and the 4 Key Questions.

Unit 2: The Who
Unit 2 focuses on our personal identity and how to unravel deep conditioning to discover the person we truly are.

Unit 3: The What
Unit 3 explores labels and biases, not only from external influences, but those we impose upon ourselves, and how that blocks us from our happiness.

Unit 4: The Where
Where are you in your journey? (yes, that is a trick question!) Unit 4 shows us the value in getting lost along the way and how to trust every twist and turn in the road.

Unit 5: The How
Unit 5 teaches us the importance of recognizing our emotional state and managing our our responses to what life throws at us.

Unit 6: The Now
Future steps for using the tools you’ve gained during the course to continuously fill in your soul combination on each leg of your journey to wholeness and happiness.

  • 3-month intensive course

  • small, intimate cohorts

  • 1-on-1 coaching time monthly  (includes an intuitive reading)

  • weekly group coaching

  • fun, asynchronous activities

  • comprehensive workbook

  • private facebook group   (indefinite access)

$3,696 (monthly payment plans available)

Limited Time Offer!

Now accepting Beta Applications!

I’m offering a unique opportunity to be a member of the founding cohort! Get an accelerated version of the course for a fraction of the cost! Space is limited (which means even MORE 1-on-1 coaching), so apply for the chance to reserve your spot today!



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