In this compartmentalized society that we live in, new ideas can seem radical and especially dangerous. However, we still have the burden of the many problems that divide us! We know that as people, as nations, as the collective world, we have to shift our mindset, but it’s SO uncomfortable!

Sometimes the easiest way to start is through a subtle shift in perspective, while holding a safe space to process, integrate and release our discomfort. That is what I, as a speaker, bring to the table. Allegorically inclined, I’m able to weave thoughts and messages together in a way that is not only easy to grasp, but the choice of the takeaway is always left to the listener.

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credit: Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

Want To Book Rassy?

I am currently available free of charge to podcasters, bloggers/vloggers, and Clubhouse Clubs.

If you are interested in having me as a guest coach, keynote speaker, or workshop facilitator, feel free to contact me for more details.

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