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There are pieces of my soul in every word, on every page. So, with each new chapter...

I write myself into Being.

- R.C. Berry

Set in Stone Trilogy



A young woman set Mount Olympus ablaze. For her pain, she was cursed. For her love, she was banished. For the whim of the Gods, she was hunted.


Set in Stone Launch Gala

In a flash cover pic.jpg

In a Flash


At the height of Prohibition, James Bartholomew is put in a tough position when the city's top investigative reporter ends up dead outside of his secret speakeasy.

Throw in a corrupt senator, dirty cops, and a couple of mafia families at war, and you've got one hilarious night!


Drinking game coming soon!

SleepMyBaby fullcoverwebsite.jpg

TRIGGER WARNING: depicts scenes of abuse, trauma and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.

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