I am constantly surprised by the magnetic pull of needed messages, and delighted by the variety of ways to receive them.

Intuition is not the domain of a special few... we all have it. My readings are designed to help you strengthen your own intuitive skills, to begin to recognize patterns and themes, messages and guidance that are already within you.

My readings are not meant to tell the future (which is always fluid) but to equip you with whatever tools and insight I can to recognize your true, authentic self, and to step into the role of creating the life you want to live.

As such, I may pose questions to trigger your meditative mind, suggest innovative methods and maybe even call you on your b.s. if I have to.

Still, it is done with love, and this sacred space between us is nonjudgmental. All that is required of you is to be open to receiving, and to be honest and intentional in your asking.

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